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Zenaq Ikari

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New Generation Offshore Jigging rod

Super high elastic offshore Jigging rod, FOKEETO IKARI which equips our new invention “IKARI BLANK (PAT.P). The FOKEETO IKARI is very thin, but performs with phenomenal breaking strength and overwhelming repulsive force.
Super high elasticity and bendable action hugely improves jig control ability. It can perfectly control long jig, short jig, slow jig, and others with one rod. Previously, these different types of jigs had needed different types of rods to show the real action.
Moreover, its phenomenal breaking strength gives huge power in fight against fish, and you can fully stand a rod. It has never been possible with high elastic rods before.
FOKEETO IKARI will take you to the new stage of offshore jigging, and it will amplify the fun of fishing.




FB63-1 Ikari, FB63-3 Ikari, FB64-5 Ikari

FS63-1.5 Ikari, FS64-5.5 Ikari


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